Sacred World Peace Alliance
  • The primary purpose of the SACRED WORLD PEACE ALLIANCE and CHURCH is to promote and create an environment of education for the understanding and development of true peace among all people, animals, flowers, trees, rocks, birds, all things of this Earth. To educate that we are all in this together, the Earth is sacred, and that what we do affects everything else. 
  • To provide inspirational, hands-on, green-living educational programs for our children and youth and sustainable environmental education for all. To establish a living sustainable model for innovative GREEN living through permaculture, organic gardening, buildings and renewable energy in our daily experience—as Green is the only path to honor our Sacred Earth at this time and survive.
  • To provide a sanctuary for the Sacred White Buffalo and endangered animals.

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Hiawatha Prosperity Big Medicine White Buffalo Blanket
Pendleton , Peace Partner and Sacred World Peace Alliance Presents:

2012 Limit Edition only 110 Blankets will be made with White Buffalo shed (hair shed during spring) in them. 


The Blankets will be made all at the same time and numbered and certified.

As of now there are only a few available for purchase. So get your order in today for these majestic one-of-a-kind blankets.

As soon as all 110 blankets are sold, Pendleton will make them and send them out.   If any questions, or to  order  call 888-401-5066