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Prayer from Cynthia .


When young medical intuitive and psychic Cynthia Hart is about to lose her father to cancer, her world turns upside down. Before his passing, he talks to her about their Native American roots and sends her on a quest to return his tribal pipe. Settling in Sedona, Cynthia explores her own connection to Spirit and finds her first Native teachers. She decides to undertake a traditional one-year Vision Quest and goes to live alone, off the land, in a cave in the Washington Cascade Mountains with her pack of domesticated wolves. During the year, Cynthia has transformational and near-death experiences that set the spiritual foundation for who she is to become twenty years later: the Caretaker of the White Buffalo Herd. This spare, action-packed story takes the reader on a unique journey. It’s the coming of age story of a singularly determined woman exploring her limits in the harsh elements of nature. Seekers looking to explore their own true path will take solace and find inspiration in reading it.

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